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The Nexus of Culture, Communications and Issues

The Zimet Group, Inc. is a consulting and lobbying group dedicated to creating strategic solutions and opportunities for government and business. The Zimet Group, Inc. is led by Susan Zimet a dynamic leader in the public and private sector with a team that is comprised of accomplished experts with experience in media communications, economic development, economic justice/ fiscal policy, environmental and public policy focused on building action plans to resolve issues and move projects forward.

Susan Zimet, the leader of the Zimet Group, has a career in business and government that has been particularly notable due to her track record of success that results in her ability to meld strategic thinking, problem solving and extra ordinary energy. Zimet is direct, comprehensive and doesn’t hold “any punches”.

Susan’s efforts draw media attention and she has been consistently covered in the Hudson Valley media as well as the New York Times, major national magazines, radio and television.

Zimet is currently serving her fourth term as Ulster County Legislator and was previously the Town Supervisor of New Paltz as well as the Hudson Valley Film Commissioner under Governor Pataki.  She also ran for State Senate and the commercial with than candidate for Governor, Eliot Spitzer could be viewed at www.SusanZimetForSenate.com

Prior to entering politics, Zimet was an advertising agency executive and led the media campaigns for blue chip clients such as Kraft -General Foods, Times, Bloomingdale’s, Kayser Roth and others. Zimet is an author and co-wrote the nationally acclaimed book “ The Great Cover-Up”. She is also a photographer and her work can be seen in “Pride & Politics” and hotels in the northeast.


pictured above, Zimet Group CEO, Susan Zimet